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Come on get your happy on!

If you're already a user of the Happy-NOW bracelet and program, we would love to hear from you, and how the Happy-NOW program is transforming your life.

Together, our steps toward happiness can send a wave of joy into our families, our communities, and throughout the world. We can help build a community of happiness by sharing our journey with others.

If you are new to Happy-NOW please read the inspirational stories of many others who are choosing happiness, no matter what, by using Happy-NOW program and bracelet.

Here is just a sampling of what some of our brokers of happiness are saying about Happy-NOW:

Customer Service Rep

"I always thought I was a pretty happy person; however, I was unaware of the amount of complaining I did every day. I never realized how negatively I perceived certain things in my life and how I viewed situations as problems that really weren't problems at all...until I found the Happy-NOW bracelet. My life is much happier now because of it!"

Nursing Student

"I'm in the middle of an extremely challenging program in nursing school. Sometimes my brain is on academic overload, but I look at my bracelet throughout each day to remind myself: 'I will not quit, I will not give up, I will persevere...no. matter. what.'"

Executive Sales Manager

"I found this bracelet and program at a time in my life when I was struggling -- having recently been laid off from my job. I was having a hard time seeing anything in a positive light. Wearing my wristband every day helped me to focus on the good things that were in my life the whole time."

Retail Store Manager

"I love my bracelet! I gave one to a neighbor who is trying to quit smoking and she is wearing it as a reminder to stay committed. No. Matter. What!"

Production Assistant

"If something during my day makes me feel angry, frustrated, distracted, etc...I use my bracelet to get me back on track. I turn the bracelet inside-out until I am able to look at my problem from a more constructive perspective. Then I turn my bracelet inside-out again and get back to work!"

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