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5 Truths



Waiting for happiness?


  • When you get out of debt or get out of traffic?

  • When you get through an illness or difficulty?

  • When you find the job or mate of your dreams?

  • Or when you finally lose weight?


If, like most of us, you feel frustrated, worried, angry, pessimistic or disappointed, with the challenges of everyday life, it is critically important you read these

5 Truths of Happiness:



You are NOT unhappy because unpleasant events are occuring in your life.


You are NOT unhappy because things are not going the way you wish they would.


You are NOT unhappy because people are not behaving the way you want.


You will NOT suddenly be happy when everything is "right" in your world.


Unhappy events and feelings can serve as a guide to real happiness and joy.



Read number 5 again.


Is it possible that during your moments of fear, frustration or disappointment, you are never closer to feelings of joy and abundance?


The Happy-NOW program and bracelet shows you how.




Most of us would be amazed at the number of times we think negative thoughts in just one day.

We can easily fall into a trap of chronic, negative thinking and not even realize it. Think back to last week. How many times did you complain about the weather, traffic, a child, your spouse, yard work or housework, the disappointment of a family member or friend, waiting in a long line, a school or work assignment, illness, laundry, a co-worker, or your lack of time or money?

The truth is, seeing life through a negative filter can become a habit when we look through a distorted lens -- our glass will always be half empty.

External circumtances will never affect internal feelings. Unhappy, negative, or self-defeating thoughts are simply because you may not have known about or understood how to properly use the tools and principles that have always been available to you!

Breaking this habit has never been easier than NOW.



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